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{L}ate night

I didnt mention... Zak and I went to Vegas the begining of this month. It was nice to get away and we had fun. Stayed at the Stratosphere, saw Penn & Teller and the Crazy Horse Paris shows. Ate at the top of the Strat, did some shopping and just relaxed a lot. Our room was huge, 800sq ft which was pretty cool, it was almost like having a small apartment.

I hate this whole Zak being gone for 5 days thing. I suppose I should get used to it tho. At least I have Riley, when I go to Basic I wont and it'll be even harder.

... Its so late and I just cant sleep and Zaks not on MSN anymore. I finally found The Poughkeepsie Tapes online to watch even tho it wasnt officially released. I think I understand why its release was delayed. The opening makes me feel like im watching a film made in the early 80's. After the first 5-10 mins filming turned more Hostel quality, in someways it feels like a B movie. Its not as... I dunno... its not what I expected. Really slow at some parts, really kinda twisted in others. It was originally released for a film festival. There was a rumor that they delayed the release to re-film a lot of it for a more professional feel. That might improve it a little... I dunno. Maybe it would be best not to release it. Everyone who knows me know I love Horror and Gore movies... this ones a little more twisted and disturbing than I expected... Im not sure how I feel about it.

Riley graduates Preschool end of May. Wow... that went by quick. Its true what they say, Kids grow up so quick. Makes me miss all my pictures of him as a baby even more. Im hoping Alex can retrive them from the HD like he says he can and Zak can bring them home on Sunday.

I went to my first DEP meeting mid of April. Was dalayed a week cause of April, I thought I had missed it while I was in Vegas. It was interesting. Its meant to give us a small taste of the first month at Basic. A little of the routine - Reciting the Creed and 11 General Orders. Not a lot of yelling, but we did about 60 pushups. Not all at once. We'd screw up the Creed or be too quiet and we'd do 15 then start over. After the first set of 15 my arms were rubber. I tried, and being my first time I didnt know exactly what was expected. I started doing some on my knees for the next set we were told to do. The 3rd set I could hardly do one, but I kept trying to push myself... I probably looked pretty pathetic. As we got up from the 4th and last set one of the recruiters walked up to me and quietly said, "If we were in the Air Force, those may have been ok. But we're not and they werent", and chuckled at his little joke. I told him I knew and I would work on it. He walked away saying "We're here to help if you need it".

They're really great guys. I know the real thing will probably be a lot harder. Since Ive got 7 months or so Ive decided to make the best of it. STarted working out a bit more. I bought a somewhat gimicky workout bar called Iron Gym at WalMart but its actually turning out to be a great tool for Situps and Dips. I use it a little for pushups sometimes but I wanna get used to doing those the right way - Not elevated or holding onto something, or even on my knees. Still using my bike and now that I *think* its stopped snowing Im wanna start running too. It just refuses to be spring/summer and keeps snowing :(

My goal is to be able to in 2mins do 80 pushups, 70 curlups (situps), run 1.5miles in 12 mins as well as swim 450M in 12mins. If I could do that the first time they test our PRT in Basic Id score a 70 which would earn me a "Good(High)" score definitaly passing and not having to do it again and feel super great. Ive discovered I like to watch The Biggest Loser while working out. Its a show I never thought Id watch but its inspirational somehow while Im working out.

... Thats enough Navy stuff. I should try and go back to bed.
Easter was awesome. Zak got me roses Sat night, for no reason other than to say "I love you" - which was sweet. I Video recorded Riley hunting for eggs like I do every year, and Zak got him a basket full of toys and candy. He also got me a huge basket full of my favorite candies and chocolates, including a box of Lindor Truffles :D

Not much else has changed. Well, they took away work from home from everyone, and Zak hasnt gotten a new job yet so to shorten the drive to work hes staying with his parents which makes me and Riley lonely :( but on the other hand its probably a good thing. Gives me extra time to spend with Riley before I leave.

Speaking of which, I went in today to do my 10day (late) stuff. And Nick said he saw a HM slot open. I got the paperwork done and hopefully I can nab it, I hope. Id leave in July vs Dec if I do get it. *fingers crossed*

I spent 4 hours today fixing Rileys Wall-E toy I got him for Christmas. Well, Jay spent some time, then I made some changes and finished fixing him. His head/eyes broke off and then the wires inside snapped off. But all is well again. If it breaks again, I might just buy him a new one, that was frustrating.

{E}nlisted in the US Navy

Its final. Im in the US Navy.

I started considering it back in November, and it took till Feb to decide I would actually do it, then another month to loose the weight to qualify. I actually lost more than I had to, which is cool.
It all started yesterday when I went into my recruiter to finish my kit and sign a bunch of papers. Then they drove me up to MEPS where I ran into an old schoolmate, now SGT Cope. Checked in and took my ASVAB. After everyone was done they sent most of us to a nearby hotel, Raddison. It was a pretty descent hotel. Dinner was free, not glamorous but not too bad. I sat with some of the Army and Air Force recruits, which turned out to be a super fun group. Lots of jokes, and relating convo.
The hotel had some really nice beds, they had just gotten a slew of those Sleep Number beds. I always hate hotel pillows but they had one which wasnt so bad and I easily fell asleep around 10:30pm which was good because me and my roomate woke up at 3:30am to shower, blow dry our hair and whatnot to be ready by 5 for breakfast. We left at 5:30 for MEPs again for medical history, physical and choosing a job.
It was a lot of 'hurry up and wait'. The Medical Chief Poe was awesome tho. His welcome Brief was probably the best part of the whole day. It wasnt quite as bad as previous military stories portrayed and Chief Poe talked about how he wanted to try and make the medical/physical part of MEPS better and more Customer Service friendly than in the past and imho it really showed. Plus, he was super funny. Standing in my under ware in front of 5 other girls, getting weighed, duck walking and what not,, was a little unnerving tho, but I assume I should get used to it.
From 0600 to 1430 I was being 'processed' and getting my job, which was an experience full of a lot of waiting. I was finally sworn in at 1500 and sent back home.

The Navys mostly full, all jobs being taken and reserved till 2010. I really want Corpsmen (HM) (Medical) but it was full, of course. Im enlisted as an Electrician's Mate, but could still possibly still go Corpsman. My deployment is in Dec. Im on a list that'll check every single day for any available Corpsmen positions and if something opens up they'll call me asap so I can snag it. Its a small chance, but is possible - if someone whos going into HM doesnt graduate High School or drops out for various reasons, it could open up. If by Dec I wasnt able to grab HM I'll stay EM for 2 years, when I can easily transfer to HM so in the end Im confident I'll reach my goal. It just may take a little longer if no spots open up. Im fine with EM if Im stuck there for 2 years tho. Its a good secondary skill to fall back on in the real world.

So... Im done. Im elisted. Delayed, but ready. It'll be a huge change for all 3 of us, but I think it'll be a good change.


Im in a blah mood at the minute. Just ate and did the dishes.

Because of my moms new job at a College I get a huge discount if I choose to take some classes. I just might take a few evening classes, and a few more summer classes too. Seems like a really great opportunity, especially since Im not working full time atm.

I dont know where Riley got it, hes turned into such a good 4yr old though. Super obedient and eager to please. I know he'll grow out of it, but for now, its nice. He loves going to school and learning what his teacher is teaching them. He loves helping us clean. He loves helping me cook. He loves singing and watching his favorite shows like Wow Wow Wubbsy and Max & Ruby.

We went to Jons last week. Someone was supposed to watch him, I told them Id pay them too! But they ended up not really watching him for the first 4 hours and he babysat himself most the night. I called him every hour and he wanted to talk and give me a thorough update on what he had done since the last time we talked.

Riley wants to plant a garden and flowers and "watch them grow as tall as the house!". I think it sounds like an awesome idea, just as soon as we leave the frosty mornings stage outside.

Jill had her baby Thursday night, Ive seen tons of photos and shes pretty cute. Everyones gone to see her but us. Zaks a firm believer in not exposing your brand new baby to 100 people for the first 3 weeks. Besides getting sick, its supposed to give the baby time to familiarize themself with just their parents. So I probably wont get to see her until then. Or until someone else drives me there :D
Looking at the pictures makes me wanna have another baby. We've been trying for the past 2 years, especially the past year... especially *wink* But with no success. Still waiting for confirmation that I was added to Zaks insurance so we can have the Dr tell us who is at fault :(

Thats about it... oh.

I had a major upset with my computer. I got a really bad Virus or Malware. Like really bad. So I copied everything to our backup external drive and formated - only to find out my picture folder didnt copy over. I was in shock. Im one of those stupid people who dont burn anything to CD's cause I cant take care of burned CDs. These were important pictures. Like all of my baby pics of Riley and other various family pics. Wedding pics, random pics, scanned pics. Everything. I litterally started shaking and tearing up when I found out what happened.
A few hours later I calmed down and made some calls. After calling 3 different places who wanted to charge $250-400 to see if they could restore it My dad called his computer tech guy who gave me an awesome cd with different programs to try. I didnt get it all, but I got a lot. Im still missing most all of Riley pics under 1yr old, which is sad. But now that I have this software I may be able to recover them from another hard drive... If we ever get it back from Zaks friend. Hes had it for 2 years and was supposed to be doing something similar. He said he found it all but we never went and got it.

trip to logan

Mom: there's a truck I can buy daddy
Me: doubt it works
Mom: but its a classic!
Me: daddy likes classic cars?
Mom: I dunno

{V}Day and thoughts

V-day celebrating was quiet. Its still ongoing actually, kinda. Zak had to work, then he got a nap then we spent the rest of the night together and reminiscing about old days when we first were together.
His parents got their married children books: 1001 ways to be Romantic. I was skimming when I found the one about how overtime you develop a sort of ESP, cause you've learned each others likes and dislikes as well as habits. And how you should use the ESP to do something nice, like buying a Gift, not a Present which it says is explained in #16. So I flipped to 16 where it explains that a Gift is something that you're sure the receive wants and a Present being something you're giving the receive because it's something you want them to have (ex. lingerie). I joked that he should get me Gifts more instead of presents but then as I thought about it... hes always done nothing but that - gotten me things I've wanted, not things he wanted me to have. Just made me appreciate him even more.

His parents also offered to watch Riley for a day or two. Since we moved away they dont get to see him as much, I think its been since Christmas that they saw him last. They used to watch him 2-3 days a week for a year, then 1 day a week for the past 2-3 years. Hes been begging to see Jenny and Summer as well and when I asked if he wanted to sleepover for a night or two he was elated. So we brought him up yesterday, then went to dinner and a movie with Jon, our usual hangout routine, since we haven't really seen him and he happened to have no work that night. Next time I wanna do something different with Jon (and Tiff if shes not working). Something... not so blah. Dinners fine but watching a movie we don't get to interact much and he did mention their tight funds recently. I mentioned it to Zak so maybe next time... we'll see.

We got home and stayed up till 5am, and actually got to sleep in with absolutely no interuptions. Which sounded nice at first, but now, I think it subconsciously excuses my laziness, something I want to break. It was like saying "being lazy today is ok"... which its really not. But Zak mentioned going to the Pool Hall today. Maybe we will, whenever he wakes up.


Its been a while. I used to be hugely attached to my journals, writing in them every day, or every other day. Today it seems I forget or run out of time.
Scratch that. How do I run out of time? Im up till 2-4am lately. Ive been overly lazy it seems. Sleeping in till 11am or Noon - staying up till super late. I guess its from the lack of a job. I blame Zak a little as well, and so does he. His way of dealing with stress (work) lately has been to sleep till 10pm or 11pm after work so if I want to spend anytime with him, cause I do, I have to wait till he gets up.

I do have a job atm, but I don't. I'm working for the city "volunteer" ambulance crew. They paid for my class, tests and certification which was $700. But right now I'm on 'probation' so Im not paid. But what they pay isn't like a full time job anyway because its 'volunteer'. But other than that I'm not working. Which has been nice, trying my hand at a stay and home mom. But its lead to my recent laziness.

I was doing great with trying to eat right and exercising every day. I was on track for 3, almost 4 weeks. I lost 7lbs and almost an inch off my waist and hips. Then I really went off the wagon. I found 2 childhood favorite splurges I had forgotten about and it really got out of control when I decided to get them as a reward for doing so well. Sixlets and Salt and Vinegar chips, and not exercising. I'm trying to get back on track its harder than I thought. I gained 3lbs and 3/8'ths of and inch back.

{R}iley's 4 1/2

*Riley gets on exercise bike and starts peddling*
Zak: "Are you trying to loose weight Riley?"
Riley: "No Daddy, Im not loosing, Im winning!"

Today in Preschool theyre celebrating Rileys 1/2 birthday, since theres no school in the summer. Hes been super excited about it all week. He picked out the type of cake, or cupcakes he wanted. He helped me make them last night. He chose the frosting and decorations. Then ate about 3 last night. Then he helped make a poster about him. He then helped me wrap the cupcakes and put them with the toys and stickers we got for everyone in the bags.
He was up at about 6am wanting to go to school for his party.
Unfortunatly Im super sick today. So I wont be reading them his favorite story but I'll had out his treat and goodies bags and talk about his poster.

{F}ellow exercisers and dieters

I forgot - I found a pretty cool site today by accident.


It reminds me of ediets.com only its free and a lot cooler, as well as not annoying with 100 emails a week. Anyone trying to loose weight, and even some who aren't, should check it out. After opening an account (free) and putting in your info (weight, height, goals, wants) You can follow the diet they give you, or not. Ive never been good at counting calories but it does it for you. I put in what I ate that day and it does it for me, same with exercising. For being a free site its got a lot of neat little features and calculators that I haven't even seen on sites I paid for in the past.
It even tracks a lot of popular diets for you, like atkins, weight watchers and whatnot. Shows you where you stand with your points or whatever. Ive never tried a steady diet, so I don't know what they're supposed to track specifically, but I thought it sounded pretty cool.

{M}issing something?

I was bored sitting here waiting for programs to re-install (reinstalled windows) and I thought... Why not do something, so I attemped jj's.
Remembering back to High School and when I'd do some small excersizes late at night, including jj's - it was no problem without a bra of some sort. I figured I wouldnt need one, I guess I forgot how much bigger I got upstairs since I had Riley. After 2 minutes the girls were very sore =\

I will no longer do Jumping Jacks without a bra.

Im pretty sure my membership at Golds Gym has expired but as a City Employee I get to use the cities Gym, built originally for the senior citizens, after it closes to the public at 8:30pm. I
Because I want to loose a lot of weight in a short amount of time Im mostly just focusing on cardio and not so much strength building. They've got some really nice equipment in there for it, like bikes, stairs and treadmills. Everything was brand new when they built the place about a year ago so its pretty cool, especially since I can use it for free :D

{B}elated New Year post

Because of the unexpected family going-ons I didnt get a chance to post this, but I did sorta write some ideas down.

Riley and I did Fireworks New Years night (while Zak watched from a distance). I think it was Better than the 4th of July because there was no wind.

I dont have many new Resolutions this year. Just a lot of wanting to continuing to work on older goals/promises. I have spent less time at my computer which has been great. So heres my small 2009 list.

Get out of debt - long time goal almost complete.
Follow through with my 'One nice ...' book/journal idea.
Visit graves on Memorial day.
Get a dog.
Continue Rileys savings

Drink more water, 6 cups a day.
Wear makeup more.
Do my hair more than just brushing it.
I want to loose 20 more lbs.
Find meaningful/likeable employment.
Eat out less / Eat more healthy.
Limit carbonated drinks (including energy drinks).
Excersize more.
Teach Riley to swim.
Teach Riley to Ice Skate.

Thats my list. A lot of it probably looks like everyone else's. Some things sound silly. I dont care. Its *My* list right?
Im actually looking into the employment one closely. I have some ideas, but I have some concerns about each and how it may effect family life. Especially because of 3 promises I made to Riley when he was born. What? Am I weird for admitting it? Im sure every parent has at one point or another.

Now that Rileys in bed I need to go camera searching so I can get my Aunt those pictures from the funeral.